Tips for Open House Inspections

Traditionally, the market tends to ramp up in February with the festive season over and the kids back at school. We see more homes being listed for auction and a flurry of open house activity on the weekends.

Presentation can make a property stand out against the competition. A well presented home is an indication that the property has been cared for and well maintained.

The entrance needs to be clear of dirt, debris and cobwebs. Ensure the front door is wiped down and the windows are clean. First impressions count. De-clutter the interior by removing personal items from surfaces and consider re-arranging or removing some furniture to maximise the space. Too  many possessions make living spaces look small. Conversely, a vacant home is always improved by the addition of staging furniture. Consider neutral tones for bedding, as florals and patterns give off an outdated vibe and finally, but importantly, keep any pets out of sight. Not all buyers are animal lovers and pets roaming throughout the home can deter some buyers.

Our team is always happy to help with presentation and we can arrange cleaning, maintenance and furniture to assist with your successful sale.

Until next week,

Nick Lord (Director)