Tips for a Successful Sale

If your home is priced to meet the market and advertised correctly it should sell within a reasonable time frame (30 to 60 days). You should set a price based on advice from the agent and from a comparison of the sale price of similar properties in your area within the previous 6 months.

For marketing to be effective we recommend as a minimum 3 elements – internet coverage on the major real estate portals at the same listing tier as other comparable properties in the area, a highly visible signboard on the property and at least 2 advertisements in the
local print media.

By covering these 3 mediums you are:-

1) visible to purchasers actively searching your suburb online;

2) visible to your neighbours and those passing by, who may not be actively searching but have an interest in buying in your street or pocket or suburb should the opportunity arise; and

3) visible to those searching online via suburbs other than yours who nonetheless may be interested having seen it advertised in the paper, but not online.

In this way, you will have covered every potential buyer for your home and will create the best opportunity to sell your home for the highest price possible.

Until next week,
Nick Lord (Director)