Time for a Winter Project?

With the cold weather well and truly here and our options for travel or holidays limited, now could be the perfect time to stay indoors and tend to some of those renovation or home improvement projects that you have been thinking about but have not started.

Decluttering is a simple, low cost exercise that can produce great results and be very satisfying in the process. Removing unwanted or unnecessary furniture and bric-a-brac can really open up your home and give it a more streamlined classic look. The council offers 2 free hard waste collections per financial year (advanced booking required).

A fresh coat of paint will make tired areas look like new and is relatively inexpensive, if you are prepared to put in the time and do the job carefully. (Taping up skirting boards, architraves and cutting the paint into corners is a bit tedious but essential to a professional
looking finish.)

And finally, some small touches can really add mood to your living spaces. Consider a trip to K-Mart for a lamp which will provide ambience in the evening, or some throw rugs and cushions to add a splash of colour.

These tips to enhance your home should also add value and you might be surprised at the end result.

Until next week,

Nick Lord (Director)