The Role of Technology in Real Estate

It seems that everywhere we look technology is taking over our lives. From Google devices in the home that can turn on heating, music and lights to mobile phone apps that can conjure up food to our doorstep, give us directions or FaceTime someone on the other side of the world, it seems that we are not complete unless we are relying on a smart device to undertake some task for us.

Technology has obviously revolutionised the real estate industry. The internet is the primary means of marketing property, of researching prices, suburb statistics, area profiles and agent profiles. If you have bought or sold a property recently, chances are you found your property or your agent by means of the internet. Agents use technology for targeted marketing, to manage their contacts and to match buyers to properties. But the best technology in the world isn’t enough on its own.

Only an agent skilled in the art of negotiation will get you the best price for your property. And that is our guarantee to our clients. We work for you and your interests are our paramount priority.

Technology has its place, but real estate is a people focussed industry and we never forget that.