The Role of Print Media

Getting the right price for your property depends on 3 equally important factors – price, presentation and marketing. If the price is too high, buyers will avoid the property from the start and poor presentation or some other glaringly obvious fault can also impact a sale. But having got the price and presentation right, it is down to the marketing to bring the maximum buyers to your property and to make it stand out against the competition.

Most buyers flock to the major portals as soon as they decide to purchase, but what of print media? Does it have a role to play in this digital age? Our view is that print media can bring buyers to your property who have missed seeing it online. It may be that they aren’t searching in your suburb but decide they like your home. In much the same way we have had buyers purchase at auction because they just happened to walk past at the time, or drove past the signboard, someone reading Saturday’s Geelong Advertiser may be your buyer just because they see your home right then, even though they aren’t actively looking. Age demographics play a role too – those with limited computer knowledge will stick to the paper. Lastly there are the morning coffee and newspaper devotees who read the paper from cover to cover as a weekly ritual.

Your home can and probably will sell just from the internet listing, but to guarantee the best price, a complete marketing package should involve a print media component.

Until next week,

Nick Lord (Director)