The Next Round of Stimulus

The federal government has announced another round of stimulus, this one aimed at bolstering the construction industry and its associated trades and suppliers.

Unit the end of September, the government will provide a $25,000 grant for new construction projects and for renovations and extensions.  The criteria is quite specific, the main one being that the project must be valued at a minimum of $150,000 in keeping with the stated objective of stimulating larger projects which will more effectively support employment across the sector.

Quite specific time limits apply also, in an endeavour to get people back in work sooner rather than later and applicants will be means tested in order to qualify (maximum $125,000 income for a single, or $200,000 for a couple)

For further details see:-

If you think you might qualify for this grant, we have an extensive portfolio of vacant land for sale in and around Geelong and would be happy to discuss your eligibility.

Until next week, 

Nick Lord (Director)