The Inside Running

With the Geelong market still so strong, many prospective buyers are struggling to find the right property. This is often made more difficult by the current trend of taking most properties to auction, which gives the seller the assurance that the best price will be attained, but usually creates more competition for buyers. In some cases even properties listed on the private market with a set asking range turn into quasi-auctions with buyers requested to present their ‘best and final’ offer as the most practical way of dealing with multiple offers coming in quickly.

Whilst this can be disheartening for buyers, there are still some owners who prefer to sell quickly and quietly and without any fuss (ie. marketing). Just about every week we conclude one or more sales of property not officially on the market; by contacting our extensive database of buyers whose requirements match with the particular property listed.

So our advice is to make contact with several agents and ensure they are all over your requirements. Buyers who attend open houses quietly without having a conversation with the agent will not get that call when the next quiet listing comes on.

Get the inside running by phoning one of our team today to discuss your real estate needs. We’d love to help you secure your next home.

Until next week,
Nick Lord (Director)