The Importance of Presentation

Much like the weather, the market has cooled somewhat over the past few months as we look towards a reset which will inevitably take into account current inflationary pressures and ten consecutive interest rate rises.

This means there is little urgency for buyers and they will have more time to research, more time to compare and more time to think. Days on market are pushing out for longer before attaining the sought after price.

Giving your home the edge over its competition should combat some of these factors. If a home is vacant, consider staging furniture or virtual furniture. If the facade is tired looking, consider a coat of paint to the front exterior and if the property is overstuffed to brimming with furniture and possessions, consider a temporary storage unit to clear superfluous items.

Ensure lawns are kept neat and trees and shrubs well pruned.

Buying a home is not just a financial decision. A buyer needs to envisage living in your property and that is why presentation is key to achieving the best sale price in a cooling market.

Our team can assist you with advice on presentation and maintenance and with staging
furniture to present your property at its best.

Nick Lord (Director)