The Art of Negotiation

It is universally acknowledged that home sellers want the highest possible price for their property and purchasers want to pay the least. This is particularly true in a cooling market where buyers are more spoiled for choice and see opportunity for negotiation.

In these market conditions, the skill of the agent becomes crucial. An inexperienced agent will communicate a low offer which the owner will reject and hope another buyer will present. When this happens repeatedly the owner tends to become conditioned to low offers and may feel pressure from the agent to lower the price, or worse to accept an unreasonably low offer.

Our agents look to these situations to bring their finely honed negotiation skills to the fore and will work with each and every prospective buyer to extract the best offer possible. They ask questions, establish the buyer’s motivation, work with the buyer’s lender and do their utmost to ensure the buyer will ultimately make the best offer they are capable of.

Concluding a successful sale in these circumstances is the ultimate mark of a great agent.

Until next week,
Nick Lord