The Art of Negotiation

A recent report released by PropTrack found that selling a home off market achieves a sale price 4.3% less on average than those listed and advertised on the major portals. On a $700,000 property, this would result in an approx. $30,000 loss to the seller.

Whilst it might be tempting to avoid upfront marketing costs, the analysis shows the potential loss far outweighs any perceived benefit.

A comprehensive marketing program will reach the maximum amount of buyers and create more competition for the home and the negotiation skills of the agent will ensure that the eventual sale price is the best the market will offer at any particular time.

Producing an outcome between a buyer who wants to pay the minimum and a seller who expects the maximum requires great skill and an experienced agent will work hard for their vendor to negotiate the highest price possible.

Our experienced sales team is committed to producing the best result for our clients, as our track record shows over the past 30 years.

Until next week,

Nick Lord (Director)