Some Inspection Information

As we head into the warmer months and settle into a Covid normal way of conducting business it’s worth explaining in a bit more detail about what we can and can’t do in terms of property inspections.

Open houses are still prohibited, meaning we are unable to advertise a 30 minute time frame which allows anyone to turn up unannounced and be allowed through. What we can do though is advertise a time frame whereby the agent will be on site and inviting potential buyers to call ahead to lock in an inspection booking during that time frame.

It may seem a matter of semantics but it ensures our agents can limit the attendees at any one time to a maximum of 10, as per current restrictions and it ensures that we have noted names and contact details and will know exactly who to expect during that 30 minutes. With demand on the rise due to the return of Melbourne buyers to the Geelong market our sales team will likely be adopting this method more and more in the coming weeks as the most productive use of their time.

So if you are looking to buy and you see one of our properties advertising an inspection time frame, make sure you ring ahead to guarantee you will be shown through.

Until next week,
Nick Lord (Director)