Property Styling – What is It?

Property styling is the process of applying design themes and creating attractive spaces in vacant properties by the addition of quality furniture, appliances and interior decorations.Your home is your most valuable asset and in order to achieve the highest sale price, it should be presented at its absolute best. 

The stylists generally complete their installation prior to the property photos being taken which ensures that all marketing elements (internet, signage, brochures, newspaper advertisements) showcase the home with maximum appeal. The styling stays in place for the duration of the marketing campaign enabling buyers to see the full potential of the property when they inspect.

Styling can help to give your property an edge as against similar homes which are vacant, as visualising family and daily life in the space can definitely play a major role in a buyer’s decision making processes.

We work with experienced stylists and have seen the transformation of empty areas into classic living spaces, warm and functional family rooms, inviting bedrooms and enviable outdoor entertainment areas.

If you would like your home to stand out from the pack, we would be happy to discuss styling options with you.

Until next week,
Nick Lord (Director)