Property Profile Group News

Maxwell Collins Real Estate has been a member of the Property Profile Group for 11 years, a group of 20 large independent real estate agencies located throughout Victoria.

The aim of the group is collaborative. To share innovation, ideas and intellectual property and to engage top level and ongoing training to our members and their teams from internationally renowned speakers and the top performers in our industry.

The group also operates as a referral network with member agencies being able to assist clients with out of area real estate requirements and to recommend quality agencies in other regions of Victoria.

It’s an honour to have been appointed Chairman of the PPG for 2022 and my particular goals for the group for this year are to ensure a return to face to face training for our members from the best in the business and to continue to foster an environment of collaboration and support so that we each strive to bring out the best in ourselves and others.

Enjoy your weekend.

Until next week,
Nick Lord (Director)