On Pricing Your Home

Every real estate agent in our region has a list of ready buyers. When your property is listed and advertised at a price, prospective buyers swoop on the new listing, eager to find out what your property offers.

The moment you list your property for sale is the most crucial time in the selling process. Get the price wrong and you may as well be invisible. Using price reductions should never be an instrument for selling. Not only will this devalue everything that is impressive about your property, it will cost you money in wasted advertising.

The projected selling price is derived from a combination of evidence based sales research and our knowledge of current market behaviour. Our job is to present your property and your property’s potential, both aesthetically and as a viable investment, so that it sits at the top of a buyer’s wish list.

With more and more properties coming onto the market this spring, it’s more important than ever to get the price right in that vital ‘new listing’ window of opportunity.

Until next week,
Nick Lord (Director)