Key Elements of a Successful Sale

It is widely acknowledged in the real estate industry that there are 3 key elements that must be right in order to maximise the sale price of a property. These are price, presentation and marketing.

The price will ultimately be determined by the market, but setting the right quoting range will ensure the greatest number of buyers will inspect the property. Setting a range too high at the outset will deter buyers from inspecting and subsequent reductions will not reverse
the initial perception that the property does not represent value, leading to a more lengthy time on the market.

Presentation is key to showcasing the property to its best advantage compared to the competition. A neat, well presented home will always attract more buyers than a comparably priced home that requires maintenance or shows signs of neglect.

Finally, the greatest audience possible will create more demand and that means a comprehensive marketing program to reach all demographics – an online presence, digital campaign, print media and signage.

Our service includes detailed advice in relation to these key elements to ensure you get the best price for your most valued asset.

Until next week,
Nick Lord (Director)