Helping Those in Need

In these extraordinary times, it’s easy to narrow our focus to our own individual situations.  When will business get back to normal, when will the kids go back to school, when can I travel, eat out and so on?  All these are important and valid concerns but it’s good to spare a thought for those struggling with financial problems, job losses, loneliness, isolation, illness and mental health issues right here on our doorstep as we navigate our way through this Covid reality. 

We are fortunate in Geelong to have a wonderful organisation Give Where You Live which addresses all these issues on a completely local scale.  Funds raised from grants, Geelong businesses via weekly staff contributions, morning teas, golf days and  other yearly fundraising events are channelled directly towards assisting the disadvantaged of Geelong – helping the homeless, those in crisis, improving education, employment and health outcomes and providing vouchers for essential goods (food, clothing, furniture, pharmaceuticals).

We were pleased to be able to host a ‘virtual’ morning tea last week in support of the great work done by Give Where You Live and we thank our staff for donating generously.

For more information, or if you would like to help visit 

Until next week,

Nick Lord (Director)