Happy Easter!

After a very busy start to 2021 it’s hard to believe Easter is here already, leading into the first term school holidays and in good news, it’s forecast to be warm and sunny, at least for the first two days.

Our office will be closed Friday and Monday, but for our sales team it will be business as usual on Saturday as they conduct open homes (refer to the list Page 3).

We have some great listings coming onto the market after Easter so if you are looking to buy we recommend you keep your eye on this publication for sneak peaks prior to the marketing campaigns commencing.

If you are going away, have a great holiday and to those impacted by yet another round of lockdowns, border closures, cancelled travel plans or separation from family and friends, our thoughts are with you. Let’s hope this will be the last Easter impacted by the ongoing Covid situation.

Until next week,
Nick Lord (Director)