Grand Final Weekend!

It’s the long weekend! Despite the Grand Final being held in WA, there is plenty to get excited about as 2 Victorian teams go about the business of showing the rest of them how it is done.

In particular, if you are a supporter of Melbourne or the Western Bulldogs, best of luck to your team this Saturday. It’s bound to be a cracking game.

Current restrictions pertaining to real estate are slightly more relaxed than they were last time round and we are able to conduct one on one inspections and to appraise homes for the purpose of listing for sale.

The market is red hot still. Huge buyer demand and limited supply (and a ban on open houses) has seen us swamped with requests for inspections within minutes of a property going online, which is a very exciting prospect for sellers whilst at the same time keeping our agents very busy with back to back inspections. Some buyers are buying sight unseen, which was almost unheard of 2 years ago, but is now common practice. It just goes to show how circumstances can necessitate changes to the way we do things, in a very short space of time.

Enjoy your weekend and let’s hope the Grand Final is back where it belongs next year, at the MCG, with full crowd capacity.

Until next week,
Nick Lord (Director)