Geelong – The Place to Be

The next few weeks are packed with events in the Greater Geelong region so if you are looking to take advantage of this great weather, there are plenty of things to do.

Tomorrow is Pako Fest, a celebration of Geelong’s cultural diversity, with food stalls, music, traditional dance and a riot of colour. The Australian International Airshow at Avalon kicks off on the 28th February and runs until 5th March. This major event attracts visitors from all over the world and will be a welcome return after a 4 year break. River Run Geelong is on the 5th March and provides a fun family outing – walk or run the 5km or 10km scenic river route and help raise some much needed funds for charity. And finally, the Bellarine Agricultural Show will be held over the long weekend (12th March) and is an important forum for the rural community to share their skills, knowledge and lifestyle with the wider community.

Further details on all these events can be found here:-

Have a great weekend!

Nick Lord (Director)