Geelong – Flattening the Curve!

It is heartening to see confirmed cases of Covid-19 flattening across Victoria and in particular the Geelong region where there has only been a few new cases reported in the last 10 days.  Panic buying has declined sharply too and most supermarkets are now almost fully stocked again.

So now it becomes a bit of a waiting game.  We wait for key indicators which will signify a gradual loosening of restrictions and some semblance of return to normality.   But in the meantime we have all had to adapt to new ways of doing things.  Home schooling, zoom, meetings and eating in, amongst them.

We are now starting to get used to this ‘new normal’ and with it comes the realisation that the world hasn’t stopped.  People will still want to buy, to sell, to upsize or downsize, escape their parents, take advantage of the first home buyer incentives on offer – or in other words – to keep life moving.   In the past 2 weeks we have had over 80 enquiries and conducted over 40 inspections for people who are doing exactly that, so the market is still performing well if you are thinking of selling.

Buyers who wait until this is completely over may find themselves in a sellers’ market – with a flood of demand all of a sudden pushing prices up.  If you are thinking of buying, now is a great time to inspect what could be your next dream home.

Until next week,

Nick Lord (Director)