Demand is Skyrocketing!

Selling activity in and around Geelong continued unabated all throughout Christmas and the new year.

By the same token the holiday period may not be the most convenient time for putting your home on the market, as you juggle children at home, annual leave or holidays away. So this increased buying activity and decreased listing activity means demand is stronger than we have seen it for many years.

This unprecedented demand is also a result of Melbourne and interstate buyers who were locked out of the Geelong market for a good part of last year flooding back in and city dwellers who realise they can work from home on a more permanent basis and are escaping capital cities for regional areas.

As we ease into February, auction campaigns will start to kick in and we will see more homes offered for sale and more choice for buyers, but to capitalise on this demand and potentially get the highest price possible with minimal competition from other sellers, right now would be the time put your home on the market. You might be surprised at what it is worth.

Until next week,
Nick Lord (Director)