August – Full Steam Ahead

During one of our numerous Zoom meetings earlier this week, the sales team tallied up the number of private inspections they had conducted in August to date. The figure was 92, which is a very satisfying number considering that we have had fairly harsh restrictions for the better part of this month. What was even more pleasing was the sales that resulted from these inspections – 21 sales in 18 days. 

These stats say something great about the Geelong market and the Geelong community in general, firstly that the market is full steam ahead and thriving despite the unique circumstances of 2020 and secondly, that the Geelong public will not be deterred from getting on with their lives, including making the big decisions about buying and selling.

We are lucky here in Geelong that the real estate market has been historically insulated from economic impacts such as the GFC and we are showing that same resilience in 2020. We are certainly seeing this first hand and we see no obstacle to achieving a very
successful outcome in this market today.

With winter coming to a close we are looking forward to a bumper spring selling period.

Until next week

Nick Lord