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24th June 2022
Geelong Market Insights
As the cold weather sets in, the Geelong market is slowing, which is not surprising considering the last 2 years of unprecedented growth. The extraordinary conditions which emerged during the pandemic are not sustainable in the medium to long term and what we are seeing now is a realignment back to the normal ... click here for full article.
17th June 2022
First Home Buyer Opportunities
First home buyers are eligible for a full stamp duty exemption if the dutiable value of the purchase is $600,000 or less. The property can be an established home and the purchaser must meet the requirements of being a first home buyer and then live in the home for a period of 12 months after settlement. Concessions also apply ... click here for full article.
10th June, 2022
Buying an Investment Property
National residential property rental vacancy rates are at their lowest level since 2006 and regional Victoria’s vacancy rate currently sits at 1.6%. This tight market has seen rents in 2022 increase by as much as 10 per cent, at a time when inflationary factors are hitting household staples such as food and petrol. With demand for rental properties so ... click here for full article.
3rd June, 2022
Presentation is Key
The market has cooled somewhat over the past few months as we leave the last 2 Covid impacted years behind and look towards a reset which will inevitably take into account current inflationary pressures and the prospect of rising interest rates. This means the urgency for buyers is easing and they will have more ... click here for full article.
27th May 2022
Yaringa Stage 5
The wait is nearly over! The eagerly anticipated Stage 5A Yaringa Estate in Armstrong Creek will be released to the market in the middle of next month. At this stage we are inviting potential buyers to register their interest with our sales team. A plan of the lots can be found here on our website and a price list will be available ... click here for full article.
6th May 2022
Geelong Land Values
According to recent media reports, the median price for a block of land in Geelong has now exceeded that of Melbourne for the first time. Geelong’s median lot price for the March 2022 quarter was $377,000, up from $295,000 a year ago, compared to Melbourne’s March figure of ... click here for full article.

29th April 2022
Home Maintenance Tips for Autumn
After a hot summer, autumn can provide the perfect opportunity to attend to some annual maintenance to repair any damage caused by the heat and to prepare your home for the colder months ahead. Here are some practical tips for Autumn ... click here for full article.

22nd April 2022
Cooling Weather, Cooling Market
After a sustained period of unprecedented growth the Geelong market is finally showing signs of cooling. This is no surprise to agents who have been in the industry over decades and understand that the ebbs and flows are the inevitable result of prevailing factors which impact supply and demand. In this instance ... click here for full article.

14th April 2022
Happy Easter!
After a very successful week - with an 80% clearance rate on our auctions last weekend and several more homes sold privately during the week, the Easter break will be a welcome change of pace for our team. (As a comparison the Melbourne clearance rate for the weekend was 64% - source Domain).  Easter is an ... click here for full article.

8th April 2022
Auctions x 5!
Our sales team will be very busy over the next few days with 5 auctions scheduled, the first of which will be a commercial premises at 10 & 10A Ormond Road, East Geelong today at 12 noon. Saturday will kick off with the first of two bluestone churches - 33 Cross Street, Batesford at 10.30am, with the other ... click here for full article.

1st April 2022
Stage 2 The Precinct Winchelsea
After the very successful release of Stage 1 at the Precinct in Winchelsea last year (all blocks sold out quickly) we are pleased to be able to offer Stage 2 to the market as of next week. Winchelsea has grown in popularity over recent years, offering a laid back country lifestyle only 30 minutes drive from Geelong. Located on the ... click here for full article.

25th March 2022
Selling Your Home in Autumn
Spring is traditionally recognised as the premiere selling season, but autumn is also a great time to get your home on the market. By now most of us are well settled into the year. Holidays are over, the kids are back at school and the pull of hot weather to recreational pursuits is gone. Buyers are more freed up to focus on ... click here for full article.

11th March 2022
Property Market Update
There are definite signs that the market is finally cooling after an unprecedented period of growth throughout 2021 and 2022. A surge in properties coming onto the market, combined with uncertainty surrounding a rise in interest rates, current events in Europe and ... click here for full article.

4th March 2022
The Inside Running
With the Geelong market still so strong, many prospective buyers are struggling to find the right property. This is often made more difficult by the current trend of taking most properties to auction, which gives the seller the assurance that the best price will be attained, but usually creates more competition for buyers. In some cases even properties ... click here for full article.

25th February 2022
Market Snapshot for Autumn
We are in the last week of summer so it’s timely to take a look at the Geelong market as we head into the cooler months. Right now the market is still very strong with demand for affordable and entry level housing keeping prices at the unprecedented levels reached during the last 2 pandemic impacted years. In particular the Geelong market has historically ... click here for full article.
11th February 2022
Forthcoming Listings
As school resumes and life returns to some semblance of (new) normal we are starting to see more properties come onto the market. Our agents have been very busy over the past fortnight providing market estimates, signing up new clients and filling our auction schedule for March and April. Some of these forthcoming properties are ... click here for full article.
4th February 2022
Property Profile Group News
Maxwell Collins Real Estate has been a member of the Property Profile Group for 11 years, a group of 20 large independent real estate agencies located throughout Victoria. The aim of the group is collaborative. To share innovation, ideas and intellectual property and to engage top level and ongoing ... click here for full article.
28th January 2022
Median House Values 2021
The figures are in and 2021 was an extraordinary year for property growth in Geelong and surrounds. The average median house price across Geelong rose 23.5% in the 12 months to December 2021. As expected the Bellarine Peninsula fared even better with Drysdale increasing by 71% and Portarlington 57.6%. Most of the larger suburbs ... click here for full article. 

21st January 2022
Back to School 2022
The school holidays are almost over, with Term 1 of school scheduled to start on 31st January, a little over a week away. This time generally signifies a return to normality - the end of extended holidays away and back to work for most of us, plus a much needed rest for parents who have had to keep their children occupied and entertained for a challenging 6 or more weeks. As we head into February we see the market begin ... click here for full article.
14th January 2022
A Very Happy New Year!
To say that 2022 has gotten off to a rather rocky start would not be exaggerating but there’s plenty of reason for optimism that things will turn around very soon. I’m certainly looking forward to a time when Covid, PCRs, RATs, close contacts, isolation rules and ICU rates are ... click here for full article.

17th December 2021
We're Almost Done
After a long challenging year characterised by lockdowns, work from home orders, bans on inspections, opens and auctions, we delighted to be able to say - we made it!  This will be our final edition for 2021 and our auctions at 45 Bellerine Street, Geelong and 2 Grenoble Court, Highton this Saturday ... click here for full article.
10th December 2021
The Role of Print Media
Getting the right price for your property depends on 3 equally important factors - price, presentation and marketing. If the price is too high, buyers will avoid the property from the start and poor presentation or some other glaringly obvious fault can also impact a sale. But having got the price and presentation right ... click here for full article.

3rd December 2021
Predictions for Summer
CoreLogic’s Home Value Index for November shows Geelong housing values were up $180,000, having risen 26.3 per cent over the past 12 months. This is great news for sellers but as the weather warms and we enter the summer months buyers can expect to see a degree of ...  click here for full article.
19th November 2021
Geelong's Building Boom
According to figures quoted by the Geelong Advertiser yesterday, Geelong building approvals jumped a massive 35% in the financial year to June 2021, making the Geelong LGA the building capital of Victoria, with the most approvals issued. Construction is a key ... click here for full article.
12th November, 2021
Run 4 Geelong
The Maxwell Collins team will be out in force this Sunday, pulling on our running shoes for the Run 4 Geelong event with proceeds going to the Barwon Health Foundation. It’s a vital community event for Geelong that makes an immediate, positive impact on our local health service and it will be ... click here for full article.

5th November 2021
Geelong Market Update
The Geelong market has continued its strong growth this year, with figures from Corelogic showing an increase of 25.2% in the median house price and 27.8% in the median unit price over the past 12 months.
As Melbourne exits lockdown we expect this growth to continue in the short term, but it is uncertain whether ... click here for full article.
29th October 2021
Opens and Melburnians Back
In great news for the Geelong market and for sellers in particular, we are now able to conduct open houses in the traditional sense. This means there is no need for buyers to ring ahead to make an appointment; they can simply turn up at the advertised time and subject to density limits and QR code requirements we can now welcome multiple groups .... click now for full article.
22nd October 2021
Brighter Days Ahead
As the weather warms up, we are finally shaking off the uncertainty that has overshadowed Victorians for the greater part of this year. As we race towards record vaccination rates, each day brings with it better news relating to restrictions easing, interstate borders opening and international travel resuming, and with this comes a degree of certainty that we are indeed ... click here for full article.
15th October 2021
Tailoring Your Selling Experience
The demand for property of all types in Geelong and surrounding areas is at an all time high and we are fielding calls every day from buyers keen to get into the market. We have an extensive buyer database, growing larger every day and what this gives us is the ability to tailor your selling experience to your individual circumstances. ... click here for full article.

8th October 2021
Geelong Market Update
Media reports paint a glowing picture of the Geelong market, and we have experienced first hand this year the overwhelming demand for residential property in Geelong and surrounds, particularly in the first home buyer bracket. Auction reserve prices are being significantly exceeded and private sale properties are more often delivering results ... click here for full article.
1st October 2021
Daylight Savings Is Here
Daylight savings kicks in this weekend, finally signalling the start of the warmer months to come. The days will seem lighter for longer and our sales team can start opening homes for private inspection in the early evening on weekdays to assist buyers with work commitments who are unable to inspect during the day ... click here for full article.

24th September 2021
Grand Final Weekend!
It’s the long weekend! Despite the Grand Final being held in WA, there is plenty to get excited about as 2 Victorian teams go about the business of showing the rest of them how it is done. In particular, if you are a supporter of Melbourne or the Western Bulldogs, best of luck to your team this Saturday. It’s bound to be a cracking game. ... click here for full article.
17 September 2021
Auction Success
With the easing of restrictions here in regional Victoria one week ago we were finally able to conduct 4 of our auctions that had been postponed, some more than once. A character home in Clarence Street, Geelong West smashed through its reserve and strong interest in a solid brick veneer home in Bell Park resulted in ... click here for full article.

10th September 2021
Restrictions Eased
As of today our office is open again and we are able to conduct private inspections and auctions with a maximum of 10 attendees. This is great news for our industry and we’ve been very busy the last couple of days rescheduling the auctions we’ve had on hold and touching base with all our prospective buyers to ... click here for full article.
3rd September 2021
New Land Releases!
In exciting news, we are very close to releasing a brand new land estate The Precinct in Winchelsea. Only 20 minutes from Geelong, it will be a fantastic opportunity for those seeking a country lifestyle at an affordable price. We invite you to register your interest with our land sales agent Jeremy Gleeson to be first to receive ... click here for full article.
27th August 2021
Forthcoming Auction Information
Due to regional Victoria being back in lockdown we have had to postpone a number of our scheduled auctions and the new dates have been updated in the pages following. A couple of our vendors have opted to take the auction process online and we will be auctioning a property in Grovedale this afternoon and one in Belmont tomorrow. These will be a good opportunity ... click here for full article.
20th August 2021
Ashbury Estate Update
In good news for buyers looking to secure an affordable block in Armstrong Creek, we are very happy to announce that we now have regular land releases to meet the high demand. The next release is Stage 22B and includes land sizes from 353m2 right up to 512m2 with many facing the planned park lands and sporting ovals. This stage will be released via Eventbrite on ... click here for full article.

13th August 2021
Days on Market
Statistics compiled by the Real Estate Institute of Victoria show that properties in regional Victoria are experiencing their shortest times on the market since 2010. The median days on market was quoted as 35. Standard auction campaigns run for 4 weeks and the bulk of our auction properties sell ... click here for full article.
6th August 2021
The Next 7 Days
As per state government directive we will be locking the office doors and returning to our work from home routine once again.  Our sales team will be unable to conduct private inspections or opens for the next 7 days but we still welcome enquiry and invite buyers to make contact to arrange inspections ... click here for full article.
30th July 2021
Our Commercial Success
Over the last couple of months our commercial team have had great success in producing significant sales of commercial and industrial properties in and around Geelong including a medical centre in Grovedale, a childcare centre in the CBD, a large factory/warehouse in South Geelong and the iconic Lloyd’s Corner building in the CBD. These results have ... click here for full article.
23rd July 2021
Forthcoming Auctions
As Victoria’s lockdown heads into its second week, we have rescheduled our auctions to allow plenty of time for buyers to be able to inspect and do their due diligence. The new dates are on the listings on the major portals and on  Once again there will be ... click here for full article.
16th July 2021
Winter Market Update
As Victoria heads into its 5th lockdown, the Geelong real estate market continues to grow, defying all predictions. Statistics from Corelogic indicate that Geelong median house prices soared by... click here for full article.
9th July 2021
Tips for New Investors
If you have bought an investment property, or you are thinking of doing so, you should bear in mind the new raft of regulations that were introduced in March this year and ensure the property complies to the new minimum standards. Our property managers have been working closely with our new rental providers to provide ... click here for full article.
2nd July, 2021
Time for a Winter Project?
With the cold weather well and truly here and our options for travel or holidays limited, now could be the perfect time to stay indoors and tend to some of those renovation or home improvement projects that you have been thinking about but have not started. Decluttering is a simple, low cost exercise that can ... click here for full article.
25th June 2021
New Land Releases
The unprecedented demand for land has seen us sell out some of our long running estates - Highton Ridge, Wandana Rise, Sea Breeze and Phalaris Park being the most recently completed. But in good news for land buyers we are very close to the release of the next stage of ... click here for full article.

18th June 2021
The Half Way Mark
We are almost at the half way mark of the year and after another stint of home schooling it’s school holidays again. The 21st June marks the shortest day of the year so gradually the days will lengthen as winter marches on.  We have been advised by the Real Estate Institute of Victoria that we are ... click here for full article.

11th June 2021
Winter Update
After a surprising week of sunshine last week, winter has finally made its presence felt. The last few days have been dark, cold, wet and windy. Thankfully we missed the storms that wreaked havoc in other parts of the state and will go into this long weekend with restrictions eased and little to no rain forecast. It’s business as usual for us, subject to ... click here for full article.

4th June 2021
Restrictions Eased
In good news for regional Victoria lockdown conditions have now been eased so we are looking forward to our opens and the auction of 39 Ware Street, Bannockburn proceeding this weekend.
Unfortunately, Melbourne buyers are precluded from attending so we are required to ask for ID ... click here for full article.

28th May 2021
The Next 7 Days
Stage 3 restrictions have been imposed again, commencing 11.49pm last night and ending Thursday 3rd June at 11.59pm. We will not be conducting any auctions, opens or private inspections throughout these 7 days but our team is still working and happy to take your enquiry or arrange an appointment post lockdown. Hopefully this 7 day circuit breaker will be enough to ... click here for full article.
21st May 2021
Tips for Buying at Auction
With demand so strong in the market, it’s not surprising that more and more sellers are opting for auction as their preferred method of sale, where competition can result in pushing prices above expectations.
In this climate, buyers are required to ... click here for full article.

14th May 2021
3 From 3 Last Weekend!
Our team did a great job last weekend resulting in 3 successful sales from our 3 auctions. From Moolap in the east to the township of Ceres in the west and a character CBD home in between, we covered the region. This weekend our team will auction a weatherboard home in Herne Hill, suitable for renovators, investors and ... click here for full article.
7th May 2021
QR Codes
By now we are all aware of what a QR Code is. They have become inextricably linked to our new Covid normal lives as we check in to restaurants, entertainment venues or any commercial premises where a stay of more than 15 minutes is likely. The government has mandated their use at our auctions and opens for contact tracing purposes. QR Codes are basically ... click here for full article.
23rd April 2021
A Look Back at April 2020
I thought it would be interesting to make a comparison of where we are now compared to 12 months ago, so went back to my corresponding blog entry from April 2020:-  "It is heartening to see confirmed cases of Covid-19 flattening across Victoria and in particular the Geelong region where there has only been ... click here for full article.

16th April 2021
Market Overview - Geelong
The Geelong region offers a lifestyle unrivalled by any other city in Victoria. For that reason, the property market has remained buoyant for many years.
Add to that the following - ... click here for full article.

9th April 2021
Suburb Profile- Armstrong Creek
Armstrong Creek is expanding rapidly and fast becoming the suburb of choice for many buyers, in particular first home buyers who are snapping up affordable land almost as fast as it is being released, and investors looking for low maintenance homes with solid returns and ... click here for full article.

1 April 2021
Happy Easter!
After a very busy start to 2021 it’s hard to believe Easter is here already, leading into the first term school holidays and in good news, it’s forecast to be warm and sunny, at least for the first two days. Our office will be closed Friday and Monday, but for our sales team it will be business as usual ... click here for full article.

26th March 2021
The Footy is Back!
It’s wonderful to see crowds back at the footy as Geelong kicks off its first home game of the season tonight against the Brisbane Lions at GMHBA stadium.  And even better that crowd capacity will be at 75%, as Victoria reaches the milestone of no community cases in 4 weeks.  So there is plenty of opportunity ....  click here for full article.

19th March 2021
Auction v Private Sale
In the last few weeks we have had some amazing results at public auction with prices exceeding reserves significantly.  Just last weekend, a property in Tully Street, East Geelong smashed the reserve by $165,000, with the property being in a state of repair most suited to demolition.  In these market conditions, auction will .... click here for full article.
12th March 2021
Crunching the Numbers
This month marks one year since the world changed irrevocably and some of the freedoms we had always taken for granted were suddenly beyond reach. The uncertainty back then had us all wondering how we could adapt and what the immediate future would look like for real estate.  Happily real estate here in Geelong is thriving......  click here for full article.

5th March 2021
One for The Investors
Changes to the Victorian Residential Tenancies legislation come into effect on the 29th March, 2021. There are over 130 changes, some of which are procedural and minor and others which will impact the way investment properties are managed going forward. These include ... click here for full article.
26th February 2021
Now is the Time to Sell
We are seeing unprecedented levels of demand for homes and land throughout Geelong and surrounds, so much so that the our land sales this week mark the end of our land release at Sea Breeze in Indented Head (and for the time being Bay Breeze estate in St Leonards).  Our newest estate Yaringa in Armstrong Creek sold out the first 3 stages ... click here for full article.
19th February 2021
It's Business As Usual!
After the snap lockdown which forced the cancellation of 2 of our auctions last weekend it’s business as usual here at Maxwell Collins with those 2 auctions re-scheduled for this weekend. All prospective buyers are required to register to bid and entry to all auctions and ... click here for full article.

12th February 2021
Your Peek at Forthcoming Listings
If you have been looking for an existing home to buy, you will have experienced first hand the lack of listings currently on the market. And with demand at an all time high, homes are being snapped up in record time.  To give you an edge we will be including ... click here for full article.

5th February 2021
Tips for Selling Your Home
First impressions count and so it is important to ensure that when buyers pull up outside your home they are seeing the best presentation that your time and budget will allow. Simple things such as ensuring the grass is mowed and neat, bushes and hedges are trimmed back and not overgrown, bins are out of sight, pathways are swept and ... click here for full article.
29 January 2021
Records Being Smashed!
Lately it’s not unusual to see headlines in the local media of price records being smashed in Geelong and surrounding coastal regions. A recent record was smashed for a house price in Belmont and throughout 2020 records have been set in Newtown, along the Geelong waterfront and ... click here for full article.

22 January 2021
Demand Is Skyrocketing!
Selling activity in and around Geelong continued unabated all throughout Christmas and the new year.  By the same token the holiday period may not be the most convenient time for putting your home on the market, as you juggle children at home, annual leave or holidays away. So this increased buying activity ... click here for full article.
4th January 2021
Happy New Year!
It’s so great to welcome in the new year and firmly shut the door on 2020.  Who could have predicted the challenges we’ve come through in a year of unbelievable social and financial upheaval. We see 2021 as a welcome re-boot and hope that the Geelong community can ... click here for full article.

18th December 2020
2020 - It's Almost Over
It’s been a long, challenging year. A year no one saw coming. A year beyond the comprehension of most.... unprecedented in history. We were very lucky to have been considered an essential service which enabled us to continue operating to assist ... click here for full article.

11th December 2020
A Return to Opens
In another boost for Victoria’s real estate industry, there has been an easing of the restrictions around open houses, meaning we can conduct them pretty much as normal. This means the buyer will not have to book ahead to secure a time and may just turn up at the advertised time. There will still be some measures in place  ... click here for full article.

4th December 2020
More Great News for Home Buyers!
The state budget was handed down earlier this week and in a win for home buyers it has slashed stamp duty payable on the purchase of residential property. Stamp duty on new homes will be discounted by 50% and on existing homes by ... click here for full article.

20th November 2020
Looking for a Sea Change?
As Geelong reaches its highest temperature this spring (34 degrees) we inevitably think of the approaching summer and how the Christmas holidays might pan out this year. After an incredibly challenging 2020 the prospect of escaping to the coast for a week or two is almost irresistible  ... click here for full article.
13th November 2020
Some Inspection Information
As we head into the warmer months and settle into a Covid normal way of conducting business it’s worth explaining in a bit more detail about what we can and can’t do in terms of property inspections. Open houses are still prohibited, meaning we are unable to advertise a 30 minute time frame which allows anyone to turn up unannounced and be allowed through. What we can do ... click here for full article.

6th November 2020
Geelong Leads The Way
Yesterday the Herald Sun published an analysis of the REA Insights Regional Australia Report 2020 which showed that regional Victoria is closing the pricing gap with Melbourne with particular focus on Ballarat, Bendigo and Geelong where the market is booming and the upward trend is expected to continue. With Melbourne buyers back in the market ... click here for full article.

30th October 2020
Melbourne Buyers Back Soon
The announcement that the ring of steel around metropolitan Melbourne will be gone after the 8th November will mean a flood of Melbourne buyers back in business in terms of inspecting homes in Geelong to buy and rent and attending auctions.  Whist the market has remained steady and resilient through the last few months ... click here for full article.
23 October 2020
A Long Weekend
Today’s public holiday has been dubbed “Thank You Day” in the absence of its usual role as lead in to the AFL Grand Final. It’s a good time to stop and reflect on the year we have had and where we find ourselves now, on the verge of ... click here for full article.

16th October 2020
Great News for Regional Victoria
The September quarter figures for house prices have just been released and the result for regional Victoria may come as a surprise to some but certainly not to us, as we continue to experience strong and steady demand for housing in 2020.  The median house price for regional Victoria shot up by a massive ... click here for full article.
9th October 2020
A Bumper Spring!
We have had a very busy couple of weeks during spring with several new land releases hitting the market, one of which is almost sold out after one week and the other more than half sold.  In addition we've had some great results with homes selling right across the region including ...  click here for full article.
2nd October 2020
Land Update Spring 2020
The last few months has seen an unprecedented surge in land sales through our office, as buyers scramble to take advantage of all the government incentives on offer including First Home Owner Grant ($20,000), HomeBuilder Grant ($25,000) and ...  click here for full article.
25th September 2020
A Return to Auctions
Our team really enjoyed conducting our first on site auction last Saturday after weeks of having to negotiate the technological challenges of online auctions. We achieved a fantastic result of $826,000, with 9 registered bidders attending and competition taking the price ...  click here for full article.

18th September 2020
Some Good News For Spring
With yesterday’s easing of restrictions in regional Victoria, we are now able to conduct our auctions on site, as opposed to online, which is a great step forward for real estate in this spring selling season...  click here for full article.
11th September 2020
Tips for a Successful Sale
If your home is priced to meet the market and advertised correctly it should sell within a reasonable time frame (30 to 60 days). You should set a price based on advice from the agent and from a comparison of the sale price of similar properties in your area within ...  click here for full article.
4th September 2020
Market Update Spring 2020
For the past several years, the Geelong market has been one of the best performing in all of regional Australia. 2020 has been no exception, despite the unique and challenging circumstances we have faced this year. A look at some of the stats for the 12 months to June 2020 indicate that the Geelong market  ...  click here for full article.
28th August 2020
Land Update Spring 2020
The last few months has seen an unprecedented surge in land sales through our office, as buyers scramble to take advantage of all the government incentives on offer including First Home Owner Grant ($20,000), HomeBuilder Grant ($25,000) and other ...  click here for full article.

21st August 2020
August - Full Steam Ahead
During one of our numerous Zoom meetings earlier this week, the sales team tallied up the number of private inspections they had conducted in August to date. The figure was 92, which is a very satisfying number considering that we have had fairly harsh restrictions for the better part of this month. What was even more pleasing ...  click here for full article.
14th August 2020
Technology in 2020
This year has been challenging for obvious reasons but it is gratifying to see how enthusiastically our team at Maxwell Collins has embraced and welcomed new technologies to assist clients with their property needs. We are now old hands at online meetings via Skype, Zoom or Microsoft Teams and our sales team ...  click here for full article.
7th August 2020
The Next 6 Weeks
As of yesterday, regional Victoria is back to Stage 3 restrictions for 6 weeks, after what has been a positive selling period since the last lockdown, with buyers active in the market, plenty of interest at our opens and auction properties and almost record levels...  click here for full article.

24th July 2020
Thoughts on the Market
A recent news article speculated that we will not see the downturn in the market which some analysts predict. The reasoning was that those who have maintained their employment or have seen an upturn in their business during the pandemic will look to ...  click here for full article.

10 July 2020
The Buyers Are Out There
The last few weeks have seen a rush on land as people seek to capitalise on the raft of government incentives on offer. Our dedicated land sales agent has been very busy. But so too have the rest of our sales team, as general sales activity has gone up ...  click here for full article.
3 July, 2020
Auctions and Opens
A spike in Covid cases over the past 2 weeks in Melbourne serves as a timely reminder that the social distancing practices currently in place for all open homes and auctions are still very important for the purposes of containment and contact tracing.   The limit on attendees at both opens and auctions is capped at 20 and all attendees   ....  click here for full article.

26th June
Choosing an Agent
Choosing the right real estate agent is one of the most important decisions you will make. The right agent will be experienced, enthusiastic, will know your area back to front and will be aware of recent market trends so as to be able to give you the most accurate market   ....  click here for full article.


19th June, 2020
Geelong House Prices
It’s been a challenging 2020 to date for obvious reasons, but the Geelong market has shown remarkable resilience, defying trends in the capital cities and undermining gloomy forecasts by the mainstream media who have been predicting the property market bubble would burst for  ....  click here for full article.


12th June, 2020
The Rush For Land
In the past few months it has been interesting  to note that land sales throughout the Geelong region have remained buoyant in these extraordinary times.  We have had a strong and steady stream of buyer enquiry and our sales rates have  ....  click here for full article.

5th June, 2020
The Next Round of Stimulus
The federal government has announced another round of stimulus, this one aimed at bolstering the construction industry and its associated trades and suppliers.  Unit the end of September, the government will provide a $25,000 grant for new construction  ....  click here for full article.

29th May, 2020
More Restrictions Eased
In a boost for Victorians and in particular the real estate and tourism industries, the state government announced last Sunday a further easing of restrictions which will come into effect on the 1st June.  This is great news for real estate which will then allow a maximum of 20 people through our open homes  ....  click here for full article.
22nd May, 2020
Helping Those in Need
In these extraordinary times, it’s easy to narrow our focus to our own individual situations.  When will business get back to normal, when will the kids go back to school, when can I travel, eat out and so on?  All these are important and valid concerns but it’s good to spare a thought for those struggling with financial problems, job losses, loneliness, isolation, illness and mental health issues right here on our doorstep  ....  click here for full article.

15th May, 2020
Auctions and Opens Resume
In more good news for the real estate market, the Victorian Government has eased restrictions relating to open homes and auctions.  Agents may now conduct open homes and auctions in accordance with Stage 1 rules, which allow for a maximum  ....  click here for full article.

8th May, 2020
And Some More Good News
As our rates of infection continue to decline and the May 11 deadline approaches to signify the end of Victoria’s state of emergency, Geelong buyers and sellers are starting to re-emerge in greater numbers ....  click here for full article.

30th April, 2020
Some Good News!
In a win for first home buyers, the State Government has extended the First Home Owner’s Grant for another twelve months, until 30 June, 2021.  The $20,000 regional grant had been due to halve at the end of June this year, but these extraordinary times have pushed that time frame out.  To qualify you either need to ....  click here for full article.

17th April, 2020
Geelong - Flattening the Curve!
It is heartening to see confirmed cases of Covid-19 flattening across Victoria and in particular the Geelong region where there has only been a few new cases reported in the last 10 days.  Panic buying has declined sharply too and most supermarkets ..... click here for full article.
9th April, 2020
Easter - 2020
Easter will be very different for most of us this year, with travel plans, camping, outings and any sort of social interaction off the agenda.  It’s a challenging time but it also has the potential to be memorable as we settle into lockdown ....  click here for full article.
3rd April, 2020 
April Update
We are still busy and active in the market, with our sales team working outside of an office environment and adhering to the strict guidelines put in place by federal and state governments during this unprecedented Covid-19 situation. In practical terms this involves conducting .... click here for full article.
27th March, 2020
We Are Still Open
Stage 2 Covid-19 lockdown restrictions came into force on Wednesday night. Our thoughts go out to all who have found themselves stood down, out of work, unwell, or separated from family and support by these strict measures which will hopefully bring this crisis to a speedier conclusion.... click here for full article.

20th March, 2020
What 2020 Means for Property
During this unprecedented period in global history it is important to focus on the positives and one of those is the resilience of the property market during a crisis, and in particular the Geelong market. Comparisons with the Global Financial Crisis are inevitable, with the volatility of the stock market ..... ... click here for full article.

13th March, 2020
The Challenges Ahead
It’s a bit hard to talk about anything other than the Coronavirus, with saturation news coverage, hourly updates on the infection and death rate, the shortages in supermarkets, the cancellation of major events and the disappointment ... click here for full article.
6th March, 2020
The Autumn Market Part 2
The last two weeks our office has seen a big jump in the number of homes coming onto the market. Now that summer is behind us and the kids are well settled into their school routines, it makes sense to pause for breath and think about future planning, whether that involves ... click here for full article.
28th February, 2020
Thoughts on the Autumn Market
Autumn is a great time of the year. Gardens are still blooming and the autumn leaves add a poignancy to the landscape, signalling the end of summer and the start of the cooler weather.We expect autumn to be a bumper season for the Geelong real estate market. We have an influx of properties which will be hitting the market ... click here for full article.
21st February, 2020
Tips on Buying a Home
A home is likely to be the biggest financial outlay a buyer will make and buying a home can be a daunting prospect, particularly if it is your first. Achieving the best possible outcome in terms of value and your requirements/lifestyle is far more likely if you follow a few simple  ... click here for full article.

14th February, 2020
Property Styling - What is it?
Property styling is the process of applying design themes and creating attractive spaces in vacant properties by the addition of quality furniture, appliances and interior decorations.  Your home is your most valuable asset and in order to achieve the highest sale price ... click here for full article.

7th February, 2020
Suburb Watch - Belmont
The vibe around the real estate market recently (and this year particularly) indicates that Belmont will enjoy strong growth this year. In fact, it has been outperforming its nearest neighbour, Highton, for the past several years in terms of median price growth..... click here for full article.

31st January, 2020
One Month Down...!
January has certainly been a month of upheaval and extremes. We’ve had bushfires ravaging much of the country, panic and fear on a global scale caused by the deadly Corona virus originating in China, extremes of heat, gale winds, hailstones the size of golf balls wreaking havoc .... click here for full article.

24th January, 2020
Is 11 Your Lucky Number?
This week our sales team have listed 3 properties in Belmont which will be going to auction in February. This in itself is not a particularly unusual phenomenon in real estate, but when you look at the addresses, it is rather coincidental.... click here for full article.

17th January, 2020
Out and About in Geelong
Geelong is a fantastic town to live and work in. You can drive from one end to the other within 20 minutes and to the beaches of the Bellarine and Surf Coast within a similar time frame, all without the frustrations associated with city living. For both buyers and renters, real estate remains affordable and the burgeoning ... click here for full article.
10th January, 2020
And So Begins 2020.....
It’s been a difficult few weeks watching as severe widespread fires have wreaked devastation across the country causing human casualties, the loss of homes and livelihoods and the terrible decimation of our native flora and fauna.  But as always in times of hardship and emergency, it’s heartening to see... click here for full article.

19th December, 2019
Happy Holidays
The year has flown by and we are now hurtling head on towards Christmas and a new decade. It has been wonderful to assist our existing and new clients to meet their property goals this year, whether buying, selling, developing, building, leasing or renting.  Geelong is such a great place to live and work, run a business or raise a family and we anticipate that this strong and buoyant market... click here for full article.

12th December, 2019
A Market on the Rise
Yet again the real estate market has bounced back from the plateau which saw prices level off around the middle of 2018. The status quo continued for the first half of this year but the last few months have seen consecutive jumps in median house prices and auction clearance rates improve compared to... click here for full article.
5th December, 2019
Land Land Land!
December has been a busy month for us with 3 new land releases either just hitting the market, or about to hit the market... click here for full article.
29th November, 2019
Spreading the Cheer This Christmas
As the festive season draws ever nearer and you are gearing up for that inevitable launch into Christmas shopping mode, spare a thought for those in our community who are struggling - those below the poverty line, those living with illness, accident or tragedy, and those  ... click here for full article.

22nd November, 2019
First Home Buyer Incentives
If you are intending to purchase your first home in the foreseeable future, there are several government schemes on offer to assist you make the transition to home ownership.  For first home buyers in regional areas (Geelong is classified as regional) the First Home Owners Grant of  ... click here for full article.

15th November, 2019
Run4Geelong - This Sunday
We hope as many Geelong residents as possible can get out this Sunday morning for the Run4Geelong 6km or 12km run or walk. Apart from being a great cause (raising much needed funds for the Barwon Health Foundation) it really is a great opportunity for the whole family ... click here for full article.

8th November, 2019
Going 3 Times.... and SOLD!
We had a glimpse of summer last week with some brilliantly warm days but once again the cold has descended to remind us that summer is still some weeks away.  Despite the inconsistent weather (as I write this it is 14 degrees and the wind is howling) we have had some excellent results over the ... click here for full article.
25th October, 2019
The Class of 2019
It’s hard to believe that we will be into November next week and the countdown to Christmas will be on in earnest.Not only has the year flown by but seeing the Year 12 students finishing up for the year reminds me ... click here for full article.
18th October
Geelong's CDB Rennaisance
You can’t help but notice if you happen to be in the Geelong CBD the many large construction projects currently taking place or recently completed. In recent years we have seen the re-location of WorkSafe Victoria, the TAC and the NDIS to Geelong. GMHBA is currently building ... click here for full article.
4th October
Spring Market Update
We have finally had a taste of some warmer weather this Spring and with it we have see a significant influx of properties coming onto the market.  Our sales team... ... click here for full article.
27th September, 2019
The Power of Social Media
By now we must all be aware of the power and reach of social media.  From enabling a 16 year old Swedish girl to address the UN on an issue facing future generations, to inconceivable wealth creation via Instagram ‘ínfluencing’ and product spruiking, there is not a day that passes where we do not hear that something has gone ‘viral’and made ... click here for full article.
20th September, 2019
Prelim Final Week
Geelong are in another preliminary final.  Whatever team you follow, it is always great to see the buzz around Geelong at this time of year and the increased support of local business when Geelong go deep into the finals.  To those venturing up to the G tonight amongst a nest of Tigers supporters ... click here for full article.
6th September, 2019
Geelong - A Great Place to Live
With winter behind us now we can’t help turn our thoughts to the warmer weather and the great advantages we have living here in Geelong. Our beautiful waterfront at Eastern Beach comes alive over summer with ... click here for full article.
30th August, 2019
Land Update
If you favour building your own home as opposed to buying an existing one, you have plenty of options. The advantage of building is that you can design the home to exactly the specifications your budget allows - you can choose a floorplan that best suits ... click here for full article.

23rd August, 2019
Gearing Up for Spring Selling
We are in the home straight now with only one week of winter to go and one more round of AFL football before the finals. There is a definite buzz in the air as listing activity heightens and our auction schedule starts filling up for the coming months.  ... click here for full article.
16th August, 2019
Meet Our Property Management Team
It takes great care and skill to lease and manage a client's investment property effectively, whilst also maximising the return at all times. We take enormous care with tenant selection; we personally show all tenants through each property and conduct thorough reference and database checks.   ... click here for full article.
9th August, 2019
Suburb Watch - Highton
This week the Geelong Advertiser published their annual SOLD magazine which compiles sales data on a suburb by suburb basis and includes indepth analysis of market trends across the Geelong region.  ... click here for full article.
2 August 2019
Geelong Market Winter Update
The Geelong market is finally showing signs of rallying from a slight softening since mid last year.  An encouraging boost in activity in the past couple of weeks comprising an increase in buyer enquiry, a corresponding rise in sales and an influx of new homes coming on to the market ... click here for full article.
26th July 2019
It's Tax Time

We have just ticked over into the new financial year and with it, a bit of a cash bonus for some in the form of the Federal Government’s new tax rebate. When Parliament reconvened, the package was pushed through both houses and depending on your earnings this can mean up to an additional ... click here for full article.
12th July, 2019
Another Interest Rate Cut
At its monthly meeting this week the RBA board followed up its June quarter percentage interest rate cut with another quarter percentage cut to the historically low level of 1%.  All 4 big banks have indicated their intention to pass on some or all of this latest cut  .... click here for full article.
28th June, 2019
Preparing Your Garden For Spring

We are almost through the first month of Winter and that means only 9 more weeks until the Spring selling season gets underway, with its associated influx of homes coming onto the market  .... click here for full article.

21st June
Supporting the Geelong Community

We feel a close affinity to the Geelong community and are always appreciative of the support we have received since 1993 which has allowed us to flourish as a business. It has been our pleasure to support the charities shown here .... click here for full article.
14th June
The Essential Buying Guide
Buying your own home ought to be one of the most exciting times of your life but it can also be stressful - attending many opens and inspections, bidding at auction or negotiating the price, liaising with financial institutions and legal  representatives, signing endless amounts of paperwork and finally ... click here for full article.
7th June
Selling in Winter
Often overlooked as the 'poor cousin' compared to spring, winter is actually one of the most desirable months to sell property. There are a few reasons for this:  .... click here for full article.
24th May
Investors and the Election Result
Australians went to the ballot box on Saturday and voted to maintain the status quo and in doing so gave a definitive no to the Labor Party’s suite of new taxes  .... click here for full article.

30th November
'Tis The Season
December is nearly upon us. And that means Christmas functions, kids’ Christmas parties, carols, festive get togethers, Christmas church celebrations and more. At this hectic time of year when we are rushing about attending all these events and buying presents for our family and friends ... click here for full article.

23rd November
Selling in a Changing Market

The last few months has seen a softening of the real estate market. Auction clearance rates are down and properties are taking more time than previously to sell. This is good news for buyers, who are now a bit spoilt for choice, but it is certainly not doom and gloom for sellers.   ... click here for full article.
16th November
Marketing - The Must Haves
In this digital age, deciding on how to market a home for sale is an absolute minefield. The options available are extensive and costs can quickly add up. That’s why it is important to tailor the marketing campaign to the unique features of the property rather than applying a ‘one size fits all’ approach ... click here for full article.

2nd November
Auction Success in Newtown
We were thrilled to be able to sell 32 Laurel Bank Parade, Newtown at auction on Saturday for $1.92 million dollars. The lovely character Edwardian home received spirited bidding from
two committed parties until it sold under the hammer to a local family with 3 children ... click here for full article.

19th October, 2019
Geelong Market Update
We are halfway through Spring already and marching very quickly towards what is shaping up to be a very hot summer. Spring racing is well underway with a public holiday next week for the Geelong Cup and Term 4 of the school year having commenced with VCE students only a couple of weeks away from finishing their school careers permanently...   click here for full article.

28th September
Grand Final Weekend
It’s certainly all happening at the moment. School holidays are here, the Grand Final is this weekend and some of us are lucky enough to have Friday off to watch Collingwood and the West Coast Eagles parade through the streets of Melbourne in the lead up to their big clash the next day..... click here for full article.

21st September
September Market Update
It is pleasing to see the Geelong real estate market remaining buoyant and defying Melbourne and interstate trends which have seen a downturn in auction clearance rates and median house prices. The median house price across the Greater Geelong region has risen 12.2% this year to date compared to Melbourne's .... click here for full article.

14th September
Spring Auction Action

The Geelong Advertiser’s front page yesterday really summed up the buying sentiment in Geelong this past weekend. “Fast and Furious”was the headline with an accompanying photo of our auctioneer Shaun Carroll and in particular reference to our auction at Unit 2/6 Cortland Drive, Highton.

6 bidders competed to secure this 3 bedroom/double garage brick veneer unit with more than 50 bids .... click here for full article.

7th September
Spring Has Sprung!

Spring is here and the long, dark, cold months of winter are finally behind us. We’re excited as Spring always marks a period of heightened activity, of purpose and of optimism.  Our sales team are busy listing property whose owners have been holding off on selling. So look out for plenty of new listings within these pages over the next several weeks.  Click here for full article.

31st August
The Buzz Around Spring

There is no mistaking the fact that Spring is nearly upon us. Whether it be the blossoms starting to flower or the warmer weather we just enjoyed this past weekend, there is a definite buzz in the air. Activity here in the last couple of weeks has increased significantly, with clients who have been holding... click here for full article.

Wishing you an enjoyable Spring!

24th August
The Secret to Our Success
As we celebrate our 25 year anniversary it is a good time to reflect on our longevity in what is an extremely competitive industry and to pinpoint what it is about Maxwell Collins that has been the key to our success over these years.  Click here for full article.


17th August
Preparing for Spring Selling

The spring selling season is fast approaching and experience shows that vendors who invest in going that "extra mile" with presentation will usually achieve a quicker sale and sometimes, a higher price. Property styling is one way to improve a home by creating a WOW factor that will leave a lasting impression.  Click here for full article.

10th August
The Role of Technology in Real Estate

It seems that everywhere we look technology is taking over our lives. From Google devices in the home that can turn on heating, music and lights to mobile phone apps that can conjure up food to our doorstep, give us directions or FaceTime someone on the other side of the world... click here for full article.

3rd August
Celebrating 25 Years

2018 marks the 25th anniversary of Maxwell Collins Real Estate which came about by a merger between agencies run by Peter Maxwell and David Collins. It has been wonderful to watch the company evolve over the past 2 decades, to have welcomed staff who have come and gone in that time .. click here for full article.

27th July
Spring Selling - Just Around the Corner
There's only just a month of winter left and then Spring will be upon us. This is the time when traditionally the market gears up and a rush of properties are listed for sale. If you have plans to sell by public auction in Spring here for full article.

20th July 2018
Spotlight On - Mortgage Lending
If you are thinking of buying and need to borrow to finance your purchase it is advisable to be aware of the tightening of lending criteria by all major lenders over the past 2 or 3 years, fueled in part by government initiatives and more recently, by the royal commission ..... click here for full article.

13 July 2018 
Choosing an Agent - The Do's and Dont's
So you’ve made that all important life changing decision to move house. To either upsize, downsize, perhaps to a new location, or to a new chapter in your life. So how do you choose an agent to sell what is more often than not the most valuable asset you will own in your lifetime?.... click here for full article.

6 July 2018 
Social Media for Business

The last 10 years has seen the emergence of Social Media as a powerful tool for marketing businesses online. Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter - these words form part of the common vernacular now, to such a degree that to ignore these omnipresent, all conquering tools would be to court disaster for any business.  But where does... click here for full article.

29 June 2018
2018 - The Half Way Mark

It’s almost impossible to believe that we are at the half way mark of 2018, with the school holidays upon us again and winter already a month in (bringing with it those foggy mornings and iced windscreens).

The market jumped out of the blocks in 2018, starting the year... click here for full article.

15 June 2018
Land Estate Update

Land is still continuing to sell at a rapid rate and we are seeing unprecedented demand for blocks in both Ashbury Estate in Armstrong Creek and Bay Breeze Estate in St Leonards.

Demand remains steady at Highton Ridge Estate.... click here for full article.

8 June 2018
The Property Profile Group

We are members of the Property Profile Group, a collective of top agents spread throughout both regional Victoria and Metropolitan Melbourne. Membership in the PPG gives us a unique insight into the best practice of some of Victoria’s most successful agencies, through regular meetings.... click here for full article.

1 June 2018
The Key to Success

One of the most important aspects to running a successful business is ensuring that your staff enjoy their work and are made to feel valued. It is always with a sense of satisfaction that we mark the anniversary of the commencement date of every staff member with an acknowledgement and gift, the satisfaction obviously deriving from the fact that the staff member concerned has dedicated another year of his or her working life to our team here at Maxwell Collins.In the same way, it is paramount to ensure that every individual we have dealings with here, whether they be landlord, tenant, buyer, seller, commercial client or supplier knows that he or she is valued and has been given the best level of service, advice and respect at all times. Our business relies on people coming back. Wanting to deal with us again because they have dealt with us before and been pleased with the result. So when we ask “How can we assist you?” know that we will go out of our way to ensure we do the best job possible for you.

25 May 2018
Not Your Typical Morning at Ashbury

It was certainly a busy morning at Ashbury Estate, Armstrong Creek last Saturday and one not for the feint hearted. The forthcoming release of Stage 12 was much anticipated and we had quite a waiting list for the 16 blocks comprising this stage. In the interests of fairness it was decided the best course of action was to sell the blocks on a ‘first come first serve’ basis to the site office in Boundary Road last Saturday morning. A couple of dedicated buyers braved the chilly conditions and stayed the night and were rewarded with first and second in line as the dawn broke. They both secured their preferred block. As lunch time approached, 15 of the 16 blocks were sold and there were smiles all round as the 15 buyers contemplated their future home site, neighbourhood (and neighbours!).

The last 6 months has seen land selling at an unprecedented rate, which has put significant upward pressure on prices. If you are looking to build in the short to medium term, our dedicated land agent Simon Braybrook (0438 027 272) is here to help you secure the site of your next dream home.

11 May 2018
Autumn Market Update

After a red hot market during the last 2 years with record prices being attained in some suburbs and reserves being smashed significantly at auction we are now starting to see some transitioning in the Geelong area to a less volatile real estate environment, where pricing will likely level out and maintain at more customary levels.  Some suburbs we anticipate will still perform beyond expectation for the short term which gives anyone thinking of selling a good window of opportunity to capitalise on the tail end of what has been an extraordinarily strong market.

Winter always provides a good opportunity to sell as the competition is significantly less before the spring selling season gets underway, meaning there are more buyers for each property on the market, which under normal market conditions means a better sales result.

If you are thinking of selling, we would be happy to assist you with our expert advice and tips for maximising your sale price.

4 May 2018
Three Out of Three

We had a very successful weekend last weekend, with the three properties going to auction all sold. Spanning across Belmont, Bell Post Hill and St Albans Park, we have some very happy vendors and purchasers.

With Mother’s Day looming on Sunday week we though it would be a good opportunity to run a competition on our Facebook page, with the prize of a lovely hamper going to the lucky winner. If you would like to spoil your mum with French champagne and an assortment of other goodies, find us on Facebook, like our page and then look out for competition details to be posted in the next day or so.

27 April 2018
Hope Bereavement Care

This week our team attended the 2018 Hope Charity Sports Breakfast at the Geelong Football Club where all profits went to Hope Bereavement Care who assist those in the Geelong community who have lost a loved one suddenly. Their services include running bereavement support groups, providing grief counselling and strategies for dealing with grief, through to providing information to help families and service providers. We are pleased to support such a worthy cause that impacts so many who suffer in silence but who can benefit by knowing that they are not alone in their grief.

If you are one of those who have been touched by tragedy you might consider contacting Hope Bereavement and perhaps find some comfort in their compassion and caring.  If you are looking for a worthy charity to support that directs your hard earned donation to supporting the Geelong community then you might like to visit their website at

20 April 2018
Our 70 Year Anniversary

It has been an exciting journey for Maxwell Collins Real Estate over the 70 years of membership in the Geelong Chamber of Commerce. From our inception over a hundred years ago as Gurr Collins and Davies, to our merger in 1993 with Maxwell Real Estate to become Maxwell Collins Real Estate, we have strived to lead th