Selling in Winter

Often overlooked as the 'poor cousin' compared to spring, winter is actually one of the most desirable months to sell property. There are a few reasons for this:

1. Typically there are fewer properties on the market which means your property stands out against the competition.

2. A reduction in the number of potential interruptions during your sales campaign with fewer public holidays. Spring, summer and autumn might bring better weather, but there are plenty of stop-starts with school holidays, Australia Day, ANZAC day, Labour Day, Easter etc.

3. Buyer demand remains constant regardless of the time of year leading to greater competition on auction day! If there are 100 people looking for a three bedroom family house like yours with fewer options to choose from, it can only mean one thing - strong bidding from more buyers.

There is a now a good clean run of auction weekends through to the September school holidays - a great time to consider your options before the busy spring period.

Until next week,
Nick Lord