2018 - The Half Way Mark

It’s almost impossible to believe that we are at the half way mark of 2018, with the school holidays upon us again and winter already a month in (bringing with it those foggy mornings and iced windscreens).

The market jumped out of the blocks in 2018, starting the year in much the same fashion as it finished last year, with prices still increasing at a quicker than usual rate, records broken and reserves sometimes exceeded by startling amounts. The last 3 months has seen a slowing of that accelerated growth and a stabilisation of prices. We believe this will most likely continue for the remainder for 2018 and into 2019.

If you are considering selling, it isn’t always prudent to wait for the Spring selling season. The fact that most people do means that there are more properties coming onto the market in Spring which dilutes the buyer pool. In winter, fewer homes on the market creates stronger competition between buyers, which may result in a better price.  We hope the second half of 2018 is a prosperous one for you. If we can assist you with anything real estate related please contact me on 0407 885 103.

Until next week,

Nick Lord (Director)