The Class of 2019



It’s hard to believe that we will be into November next week and the countdown to Christmas will be on in earnest.

Not only has the year flown by but seeing the Year 12 students finishing up for the year reminds me of how little time it seems since they started out in secondary school 6 years ago.

So to all the VCE students undergoing exams in the next few weeks best of luck. It’s an important year for you but it doesn’t necessarily define or limit your future job prospects.  Getting the score required for your course is important, but as you forge a career you will find there are other qualities which employers look for which are held in equal or sometimes better regard, in particular enthusiasm, drive, commitment to hard work, empathy and an ability to stand out from your fellow applicants in a positive and dynamic way. 

I look forward to our future dealings with the class of 2019 in their unstoppable march to independence.

Until next week,

Nick Lord (Director)