Preparing Your Garden For Spring

We are almost through the first month of Winter and that means only 9 more weeks until the Spring selling season gets underway, with its associated influx of homes coming onto the market.

Whilst gardening may seem like the last thing you want to do in this very cold weather presentation is important if it is to set your home apart from its competition and the garden is the first impression most home buyers will get as they approach your home from the street.

Now is a good time to spray any weeds in your lawn area.  Many types of lawn are dormant over winter which means the weeds have a tendency to take over.  Eliminating them now will prevent your lawn being overwhelmed by them come Spring. Cut back any perennials, roses, hydrangeas etc, as this will stimulate growth for spring.  Deciduous trees are easier to prune back in the winter as you can actually see the branches without their leafy canopy.  Lastly, your garden will benefit from a layer of mulch. This will hold in moisture and stimulate growth, as well as improving the look of your garden.

A little work now, for a blooming, colourful, neat garden in Spring, and for that all important first impression.

Until next week,
Nick Lord