It's Tax Time

We have just ticked over into the new financial year and with it, a bit of a cash bonus for some in the form of the Federal Government’s new tax rebate. When Parliament reconvened, the package was pushed through both houses and depending on your earnings this can mean up to an additional $1,080.00 added to your tax refund. Naturally this has seen an unprecedented scramble to lodge tax returns and you have to feel for accountants, tax agents and the ATO who are struggling under the weight of all this accelerated activity, made worse by the MyGov website (where all electronic returns are now to be processed) going down for whole business days at a time. The rumblings on social media grow in volume. The subject of taxation has never been so fraught.
Whist the temptation might be to rush and out and spend that rebate on a new bit of technology or some other indulgence, it could be money well spent to spruce up your home for spring, particularly if you are planning on selling. It’s amazing what a garden tidy up, a bit of pruning and landscaping, or a fresh coat of paint can do to improve the external appearance of your home. Internally, a professional clean, including carpets, and the replacement of any broken fixtures and fittings can go a long way to creating the best first impression for your home.
Whatever you choose to spend your hard earned rebate on... enjoy!

Until next week,
Nick Lord